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In Colour – Misty Moonlight

Misty Moonlight: The colour of a misty moonlit night, or in the photo below, the colour our winter sky yesterday. It was a cold winter’s day and the sky alternated between watery sunshine, a brooding sky and clouds laden with tantalising snow. Here is Misty Moonlight compared with our other deep blues. You can see that the colour, Misty Moonlight,…

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July 2020 Newsletter

July 2020 Newsletter So much has happened this month.  Our days are getting longer.  Spring bulbs are starting to flower with the first of the jonquils and daffodils blooming.   Pete’s pruned the roses and they too are starting to shoot.  We thought we were coming out of Covid19 restrictions, but we’re are back in them. I’ve fallen in love with my 30+ year old sewing machine and…

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June 2020 Newsletter

The Winter Solstice has just passed, our days will start getting longer, but we’ve still have colder days to come.  We’ve planted the Spring bulbs, Pete’s been out pruning the roses. It’s drizzling today and a perfect time to be inside, crafting and writing.  Our new 2020-2021 Annual Catalogue has kicked off!  And, I have some exciting announcements to share with…

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May 2020 Newsletter

Yay! I’m getting excited.  Only two weeks to go before the launch of the new 2020-2021 Annual Catalogue.  Only two weeks to go before the launch of our new In Colours.    We are in this weird space in time.  Hiatus with crafting and hiatus with our lives generally.  We’re seeing the last of the Autumn leaves fall as we brace for Winter.…

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